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What is the difference between Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini? Find out which is better and their overall performance in the smartphone ranking/5(5). Apr 26,  · Although the test found the iPhone 5 to be "significantly" brighter than the Galaxy S4, Samsung's flagship has better screen uniformity, darker blacks and Author: Pete Pachal. Winner: Galaxy S4. While iPhone 5’s screen is easier to read outdoors, the Galaxy S4’s display wins because of its size and resolution advantage, as well as its better bestffild5l.ga: Mark Spoonauer.

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Too often the conversation disintegrates into fingerpointing, one-upmanship, and sermons from the Church of the Holy Fanboy. But when it comes down to it, we're talking about two great smartphones. Some people will prefer one, some will prefer the other. Who cares? The only important question is which is better for you?

Not here. The GS4 is over 10 percent taller, and about 19 percent wider than the iPhone 5. I spent several months using the iPhone 5 as my main phone. But after using the GS4 on-and-off for about a month, the iPhone just feels undersized in comparison. If you really want to nitpick, wearers of skinny jeans will find the iPhone easier to pocket. Its size is great for those times when you snap it out of your pocket to take a few pics.

The iPhone 5 is about 14 percent lighter than the Galaxy S4. Make no mistake, though: both phones are certified featherweights. In fact, the GS4 beats the iPhone in relative weight. The iPhone 5 is the lightest high-end smartphone you can buy right now. The Galaxy S4 is the lightest big high-end smartphone you can buy right now. Volume buttons and the silence switch sit on the upper left side.

It too has a springy home button below the screen. The GS4 also has a capacitive menu key to the left of home, and a capacitive back key sitting on the right, screen size iphone 5 vs galaxy s4.

With only the one navigation button homethe iPhone makes you rely on on-screen cues for finding your way around apps and iOS. The GS4's ever-present back button eliminates any confusion there. Its menu key can also be handy for quickly finding settings screens. Like overall size, screen sizes are also radically different.

Both have aspect ratios. A much more relevant measurement is screen area. If you were buying property, it would be obvious which was the better value. Of course you don't screen size iphone 5 vs galaxy s4 to hold lakefront property in your hand or put it in your pocket, so the metaphor only goes so far. As we already mentioned, though, the Galaxy should still be comfortable for all but the tiniest adult hands and the tightest adult pants.

I see screen size as a huge advantage for the Galaxy S4. Your opinion, naturally, may vary. Screen size, though, is only part of the equation. The iPhone 5 has 1, x resolution, at PPI.

Maybe a more telling way of looking at it, though, is that the iPhone 5 has 35 percent as many pixels as the Galaxy S4. The perceived difference, however, might not be quite as big as these numbers would suggest.

The Galaxy S4's display most definitely is, screen size iphone 5 vs galaxy s4. When my eyes look at the Galaxy S4, they see a sharper display, screen size iphone 5 vs galaxy s4. The iPhone 5 is probably a couple steps behind both of them. Expect more realistic colors from the iPhone, and ultra-vibrant not as realistic colors from the GS4.

Both screens are excellent. Take that as you will. If you look at the numbers, this looks like a blowout for the Galaxy S4. That isn't a knock on the GS4's performance: it's outstanding. It's more a testament to Apple's hardware and software integration. It makes the iPhone zippier than you'd expect it to be. Just about everything you do is simple and obvious. The inconsistent Apple Maps is one big exception, but you can easily fix that by downloading Google Maps from the App Store.

When combined with blazing-fast quad core or octa core processors, Android phones are now on the cutting edge of mobile performance: not just on paper, but, finally, also in actual experience. Keyboards are one area where I think Android has a huge advantage over iOS. The company threw everything under the sun into the new version of TouchWiz, and the result is an insane batch of software features.

We have everything from Air Gesture control a few select features with a mid-air gesture to Smart Pause pause a video when you turn your head away. We have Air View preview some items by hovering a finger over the screen and the highly-marketed Bump share photos or files with another nearby Galaxy via NFC. An understandable move, but also not something to base your decision on. Apple Maps, the marquee feature of iOS 6, has been an embarrassment for Apple. Sometimes hot new apps still pop up in the App Store before moving to Android, but that also happens much less than it used to.

For the most part, you have nothing to worry about with either marketplace just try the Windows Phone Store or BlackBerry World if you want something to worry about. Android dilemma. I might give the very slight edge here to the iPhone, screen size iphone 5 vs galaxy s4. But it also has a bit more noise under the lower lighting.

Neither handled that very well. Both are unusable. By the way, the HTC One handled this same setting much better see the camera section of its comparison for samples. Pretty close. So which camera is better?

It gives you more detail under the best of conditions, which isn't surprising considering its higher pixel count. The GS4's camera also holds up well under moderate lighting.

The Galaxy S4 also has a ridiculous amount of software-based photography features. Like other TouchWiz features, some can be handy, but more often they're marketing-friendly gimmicks. But my tests found the discrepancy in actual screen size iphone 5 vs galaxy s4 life to be much smaller than you'd expect. I looped a Netflix movie on each device, with the battery starting at percent. Brightness was turned all the way up. Mobile data was turned off. In this extreme conditions test, the Galaxy S4 completely drained in almost exactly five hours.

The iPhone 5 lasted four hours and forty-six minutes. How does Apple squeeze nearly as much uptime out of a battery with much smaller capacity? It's likely screen size iphone 5 vs galaxy s4 display. Well, each of those pixels needs some power to do its thing. Under regular, day-to-day use, I found both phones to easily last a full day. But all of those wacky software goodies that Samsung threw in take up space.

A lot of space. You can easily move photos, videos, and similar media to an external memory card sold separately. Unfortunately, though, Android no longer lets you move apps to SD storage.

So after downloading a few big console-like games, you could see that 9 GB of usable storage filling up awfully quickly. So the clear advantage here goes to the iPhone. So which phone screen size iphone 5 vs galaxy s4 better? Well, we're going to leave that up to you. The Galaxy S4 has a big and beautiful screen, blazing-fast performance, and a slightly better camera.

You can ignore them, but that might be hard when you see your available storage quickly dwindling away. And the iOS vs. Android debate only opens up a whole new can of worms.

But this should at least nudge you in the right direction. That is, the right direction for you. If you're leaning towards the GS4 but want to throw a newer Android phone into the mix, check out our latest Under the Microscope comparison, pitting the Galaxy S4 vs. LOG IN. Menu HOME. Around The Home. Window Wizard robot sticks it to dirty glass. Good Thinking. Juice kiosk creates cups from its own orange peels. Vaping illness clarified, vitamin E under the spotlight.


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screen size iphone 5 vs galaxy s4


Oct 24,  · iPhone 5S vs Galaxy S4 – Screen. iPhone 5S – 4-inch x pixel IPS Galaxy S4 – 5-inch p Super AMOLED. for watching movies and TV episodes on than an iPhone 5S-size bestffild5l.ga: Andrew Williams. Apr 26,  · Although the test found the iPhone 5 to be "significantly" brighter than the Galaxy S4, Samsung's flagship has better screen uniformity, darker blacks and Author: Pete Pachal. What is the difference between Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini? Find out which is better and their overall performance in the smartphone ranking/5(5).